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On Opening and the joy it should bring but doesn't

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

We are in soft opening today.

It’s official.

And it amazes me that I still find the time to write about it. I’ve been putting out fires since last Friday and it seems I still have a thousand things to fix. But I need this moment to gather my energy and reflect on it.

As usual I must rely on the team. I am merely trying to keep them focused. We could have planned this more but it would just be postponing the inevitable:

Mistakes will be made, and apologies will follow.

That’s the way we learn and get better.

This is our first venture into the delivery business, forced like so many of us to adapt to the market and the crisis. Trying to DIY every little things in order to save money. Spending the money scarcely when we really have to.

Also trying to maintain a sense of hope to inspire the staff and trying to show as little doubt as I can. Fortunately Emanuele is always there if I need to share those dark thoughts.

At the moment we are still waiting for our first order. Which is good. It gives time to the team to settle and prepare. I can’t tell whether they are scared or excited. After two and a half years in Thailand I am still unable to read Thai people. Probably never will be able to understand them fully. But I am used to that. 10 years in Korea prepared me for the frustration of a multi cultural work environment. When mistakes can be blamed on communication and communication can be blamed equally on the emitter and the receiver, the blame game is a zero sum game.

Breathe in... Breathe out...

I need to get back to work now. Promoting what we are doing and who we are, forever conflicted between marketing bullshit terms and the truth, trying to find the middle way. And accepting I am not that good at it if I still have this kind of dilemmas.

There was a time when openings were more fun. When they made me more excited. Maybe it was because we were not forcing ourselves to open then. But I can not let this bring me down. So this opening is not as joyful, so what?

They say what matters is the journey not the destination. I would argue the start doesn’t matter much either. So I’m excited to see what the journey will be like.


We are in soft opening today.

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