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We didn’t think our SOURDOUGH would survive 12 years ...

We didn’t think our SOURDOUGH would survive 12 years ...

but it continues to amaze everyday

Back in 2009, when sourdough was not a worldwide trend yet, Chef Roberto Petza and his right hand Emanuele Serra were preparing the opening of a new restaurant in Sardinia with the ambition to reclaim the coveted Michelin star they earned with their previous endeavour.

Willing to get back to the roots of the Sardinian terroir, they decided to ferment a sourdough using local products.

Emanuele Serra (left), Roberto Petza (Center) and Chef Beck (Right). Circa 2010

One crisp morning of October they went foraging and found tiny wild apples in a glade. Those proved to be too bitter and tart to eat, but Roberto and Emanuele had other plans for it. The Sourdough bread they made with it and their exceptional food quickly became the toast of the town.

The next year, they reclaimed their Michelin Star, the only one in Sardinia at the time.

Fast forward 12 years and over 10,000km of travels in 3 different countries and we are still using the same sourdough starter for the bread of Spark. It gives our bread an extra layer of complexity that gourmets will appreciate.

Our Sourdough starter is going to be 13 year old this year and it is more alive and beautiful than it has ever been.

Take a look at chef Emanuele using our Sourdough to prepare a beautiful pizza dough ...

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