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Our Story

Nestled in the growing and affluent neighbourhood of Rama 3, Rotcha is giving a second life to a former coffee stand inside a company factory.

After renovating the interior to a modern style the team of Rotcha developed a new menu when covid struck. That didn't stop us and now we are taking Rotcha online with Eatery Deck. 

We will be soft opening online sales in october of 2021. 
Stay tuned....


Style 01

Made with mineral water

Water is not only the base of all drinks, it is the base of all life. 
Thus the utmost importance that we give to the water we use in our products. 
it is sourced from our own spring in Suan pueng, a luscious green district of Western Thailand. 


Style 02

Freshly roasted coffee. 

We are working closely with our roaster (Noise’s Coffee) to create a unique batch of freshly roasted coffee beans every time. The result we get is the fruit of a partnership between passionate people who think, drink and sync with coffee. 

Current Coffee Beans: Chiang Mai, Mae Jan Tai, Shade-Grown Coffee, Altitude 1200~1500m, Medium Dark Roast

Style 03

Taste comes first

It is easy to get carried away when trying to make drinks look fancy and attractive but we are always driven by will to achieve the best taste for our customers. This is the first criteria we use when we source our materials and develop our recipes. 

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